MComplete on Fox Tampa!

Mcomplete TeamDid you miss us? Our own, Mike LaMonte was interviewed on Fox 13 Tampa discussing how dealerships try and stop smaller repair shops and vehicle owners from getting the needed equipment to fix vehicles. Mercedes-Benz states they do this for theft protection, but our own Brian Arturi retorted with, “”You’re not going to go out and steal a car and put a valve body in it.  The customer should be able to go where ever they want to have their car repaired.”


QUESTION: Should Automakers give vehicle owners and independent repair shops the access to the same repair information as they give to their dealers? What is your thought?


The state of Massachusetts has also reacted to this type of money gouging by the manufacturers and dealerships, as well. In November, they overwhelmingly enacted the the ‘Right to Repair’ initiative which requires all automakers to give owners and independent repair shops access to the same vehicle diagnostic and repair information that’s available to dealers.



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